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  • Four Illegals Joke
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    Four Illegal Aliens cross the border. Four of them learn four different phrases.
    The first one goes to the school and learns saying Me! Me!
    The second one goes to a restaurant and memorizes the phrase ?With knives and forks, of course!
    The third one goes to the candy shop and acquires "Because he had stolen my candy"
    The fourth one goes to tennis court and absorbs Yeah! Yeah!
    One day the four were running past a shop. A corpse was lying on the ground. Police force came running and seeing the deadly scenario brought them four after the court.
    The judge asked ?who has killed him?
    The first one replies "Me! Me!"
    "With what did you kill him?" enquires the judge.
    The second one answers "With knives and forks, of course! "
    "Why did you kill this innocent man?" the judge asks nervously.
    The third one retorts "Because he had stolen my candy?"
    "Order! Order!" says the judge.
    "You all will be put behind bars?"
    The last alien states "Yeah! Yeah!"

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