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  • Immigration Joke
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    An immigrant arrives in britain PING the tooth fairy taps him on the shoulder with her wand and asks him what he would like.
    "I would like a big house and a garden" PING suddenly a big house with a nice garden appears.
    She asks him if he would like anything else. "Yes I would like a PC flat screened TV and a car and a washing machine dryer and fitted kitchen for the wife and toys and mobile phones for the kids" PING suddenly all these things appear.
    She asks him if he would like anything else "Yes 500 a week social security for him his wife and 5 kids" PING suddenly 500 appears in his bank account.
    The tooth fairy saks if he has got one final request, "Yes he says we would like to become british citizens." PING all off a sudden the big house TV PC car fitted kitchen kids toys mobile phone washer dryer and 500 a week social security disappears.
    The tooth fairy says "Now that you are a British citizen you are entitled to fuck all like the rest of us."

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