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  • Indian Tribe Joke
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    Well Barbara walks into Indian Tribal lands.
    She walks up to first Indian she sees, an says "Hi, I'm Barbara Walters, and i would like write article on how indians live."
    She asks "What is the purpose for the one feather in your head ban, he looked at her and said "hmm me gottom one squae" she though he was messing with her.
    So she turned and walked further into the tribe, an seen Indian with two feathers in head ban.
    She walked up two him and said "Hi I'm Barbara Walters and iam trying to get some history behind indian tribes."
    She asks "What is the meaning with the two feathers in your head ban," he looked at her an said Hmm me gottom two squaes. barbara said to herself they are messing with me.
    She turned and looked around, and there stood the Chief, he had a head ban full of feathers.
    She said if anyone knows, he will have to. So she walked up to the Cheif an said "Hi I am Barbara Walters and I'm doing article on the indian way of life,"
    So she ask Cheif whats the reason for all the feathers,,He look at her an said "HMM ME CHIEF, ME FUCKEM ALL,"
    Barbara gasps and said "You should be hung for talking like that,"
    Chief looked at her an said "HUNG LIKE BUFFALO LONG LIKE SNAKE,"
    She said "Oh my deer,"
    Cheif smiled at her an said "NO FUCK DEER ASS TO HIGH RUN TO FAST."

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