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  • Native American Chief Joke
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    One day this little Indian boy asked the chief how he named all the new babies that are born.
    So the chief explained that when he gets up in the morning whatever the first thing he sees he'll name them that.
    For example when I look out and see a bear I will name that baby, sitting bear, or when first look and I see the dew I will name that baby girl, morning dew ,or a buck I will name that baby boy running deer.
    But why are you so curious two dogs fucking!

    Another Variation
    A little Indian boy went to his father one day and asked him, "Father, how do Indian children get their names?"

    His father replied: "My son...when your sister was born, I walked out of the teepee and the first thing I saw was a rainbow in the eastern I named her Rainbow in the East.
    When your brother had been born, I once again walked out of the teepee and this time the first thing I saw was that the river had frozen over, so I named your brother Frozen River.

    "But--why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?"

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