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  • Payback Joke
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    So one day a German was wandering around in the Sahara desert.
    He was so thirsty he searched and searched for a source of water, he would have been happy with a sip.
    Ten minutes later he stumbles across a well and a man who was there giving his horses a drink.
    The German thought to himself "I'll just ask that nice man for some water."
    As he walked over he noticed the man had a tie and an Armenian bible.
    The German asked "May I have some of that water?"
    The man said "Oh I'm sorry that well has been dry for six months no one was here to help fix the pipes. oh by the way would you like to buy my necktie?"
    The German said "No, I need water what is with you Armenian people and money!"
    The Armenian man said "Well if you need water so bad a young man owns a resturant not too far from here. So the German trekked on towards the resturant. He came back to the Armenian man by the well...
    "Excuse me your brother has a dress code, may I buy that necktie."

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