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  • Job
     Job Interview

    Joke info
    Date: 2002-10-15
    By: webmaster

     3.2 out of 5 (43 votes)
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  • The Joke:
    A man was being interviewed for a job. "Were you in the service?" asked the interviewer.

    "Yes, I was a marine," responded the applicant.

    "Did you see any active duty?"

    "I was in Vietnam for 2 years and I have a partial disability."

    "May I ask what happened?"

    "Well, I had a grenade go off between my legs and I lost both testicles."

    "You're hired. You can start Monday at 10 am."

    The man asked, "When does everyone else start? I don't want any preferential treatment because of my disability."

    "Everyone else starts at 7 am but I might as well be honest with you. Nothing gets done between 7 and 10. We just sit around scratching our balls trying to decide what to do first."

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