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  • Four Presidents Joke
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    Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Obama were all captured by tribesmen from the Lower Delta region of Mongolia. They were ushered up a long winding path that led to the top of a gorge overlooking the valley. Standing right on the edge of the precipice, they were approached by the tribe's leader. "We are the Oomgowa Tribe of Mongolia. Our laws state that one of you must die and 3 may live. Each of you must tell me why we shouldn't throw you over the cliff to your death!"
    Washington began. "Sir, I am the father of my country!"
    Then Lincoln. "I wrote the Gettysburg address and freed the slaves!"
    Obama: "I shot an 84 at the White House golf course last weekend."
    Reagan: "Sir, I got our hostages released, cut the deficit, and restored respectibility to the United States after those horrible years under Carter. Oh, I am also a problem solver." Reagan then reaches over and pushes Obama over the cliff. "See Problem solved!"

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