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  • Obamas Inauguration Speech Joke
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    Yes fellow Americans,

    We can only stimulate the economy by starting to consume more. To accomplish this, I have ordered the Fed to make inflation adjusted loans available for every American, at a negative interest rate of 3 percent. The interest will be kept apart, on a separate account by the Department of the Treasury and in about 24 years the saved amount should be enough to pay off our entire debt. Then, we start it up again without ever experiencing a recession anymore.

    To guarantee that this BOSS plan (BailOut Social Service) is sustainable, the Fed has to expand and will apply an environmentally friendly, fully nationalized program. So it urgently needs more personnel: lumberjacks, truckers, wood pulp processors, ink specialists, printers, Ponzi scheme professionals and helicopter pilots to assist chief \"helicopter Ben\" Bernanke. My staff started to prepare for this while acquiring experience in the cabinet of my dear friend, ex-president Bill Clinton.

    My estimate is, implementation will take less than nine months, provided the Fed gets the targeted number of 7,000,000 new and dedicated employees to work at unlimited greenback growth. Personnel without the proper experience can apply, when prepared to work in overtime as to make up for the required, free training.

    Once all Americans are fully employed in our new and environmentally friendly industry, we will soon need more Mexican and Chinese workers to keep growing, unless we do our patriotic and biblical duty: Be fruitful and multiply.

    NASA plans to have the Marsian soil and atmosphere ready to plant trees as soon as 2012, thanks to undercover hard work by ex-president George Bush.

    God bless America, comrades!

    Commissar in Chief,
    Barack Hussein Obama

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