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  • Senator Joke
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    An obese, pompous, bombastic, verbose Senator from Massachusetts was on a so-called fact finding tour of Japan. While at a Japanese Seafood Restaurant he choked on a fish bone, and despite the Heimlich Maneuver, died.

    The Japanese Embassy wired the U. S. Embassy requesting instructions. The U. S. Embassy response was: "prepare for burial and air ship the casket".

    The Japanese Embalmer was at wits end. Since the Japanese are of small stature, they couldn't find a casket large enough for the corpulent Senator. The Japanese being very resourceful, decided to give the Senator an enema and shipped him to the U. S. A. in a shoe box.

    Any Similarity to living or deceased Massachusetts Senators is pure coincidence.
    No U. S. Senators were harmed in composing this story.

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