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  • Town Hall Meeting Joke
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    One day three people were standing in front of the president Obama during a town hall meeting.

    John, weighs about 140 pounds.
    James, weighs about 150 pounds.
    Codi weighs 243 pounds.

    The first one, James said "You know I have nothing more to say here. John your turn."
    Then John spoke up and said "Hahaha hey Codi has a joke do ya want to here it??? Haha!"
    The president doesn't know how to respond so he nods slowly.
    Codi was walking over to the president with a limp and a hand on his back.
    The president said well "Codi what's the joke?"

    Codi begins "Well sir I just gave your mama a piggy back ride and she weighs four times more than me!"

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