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  • Trump and Carson Joke
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    Donald Trump and Ben Carson walk into a bar. Trump orders a beer, so Carson offers to pay for it. Trump gratiously accepts it.
    Later, Trump offers to pay for Carson's taxi. Ben considers it for a moment. He says, "Yes, but under one condition."
    So Trump asks "what?"
    Ben says, "All the taxi drivers in this town are Muslim."
    Trump quickly interrupts, "say no more, Ben. I know what you're getting at." He proceeds to pick up a rock and throw it at the chauffeur. The car promptly explodes.
    Carson replies, "Ah good. I suspected as much. Now let's call Kasich to pick us up. I heard he's got a lot of time on his hands."
    Trump responds, "Why, I only had one beer! Let's get in my car. The interior's HUGE!"

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