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The Joke:
Johnny walks into a whorehouse. He's holding a shoebox under his arm. He reaches up to the counter and rings the bell. Out comes the madame.
She looks down at Johnny and says to him, "Well, well, what can we do for you little boy?"
"Yeah, I wanna fuck a bitch with aids."
The madame is a little shocked. "Excuse me?"
"Open yer fuckin' ears, bitch! I wanna girl with aids!"
She laughs at Johnny mockingly and says to him, "You do realize
that this kind of thing costs money, you know."
She stops laughing when Johnny slams down three hundred dollars on the counter. "Money's not a problem, lady."
"What do you want a girl with aids for?" the madame asks.
"That ain't none of yer business. You gonna give me the bitch with aids or what?"
"Okay, little boy, you do seem quite serious. I'll go and get her. By the way, what's in the shoebox?"
Johnny snaps back "That ain't none of yer business either."
The madame stares Johnny down and says, "Yes it is my business,
because I have to look out for my girls. What's in that box?"
Johnny opens it and there's a dead frog inside.
The madame looks puzzled.
Johnny explains it to her. "Okay, I fuck the bitch with aids, then I get aids. I fuck my babysitter and she gets aids. She fucks my dad and he gets aids. My dad fucks my mom and she gets aids. My mom fucks the mailman and he gets aids and that's the motherfucker who stepped on my pet frog!"

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Date: 2003-02-19
By: thedirty
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (46 votes)

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