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No Ears

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The Joke:
There was a man who was in a car accident. Because of the accident, he had to have his ears amputated. The insurance company gave him money because of this odd injury,and when he got the money, he decided he was going to start a computer firm. But then the man realized that he had no clue how to run a buisness.

He picked three candidates, and he was going to pick the person he liked most.

The first candidate was great. "I'm almost sure i'm going to pick this guy", said the man with no ears to himself. Then, at the end of the session, the man asked the candidate one more question.
"Do you notice anything about me?"' said the man.
"Yeah, you have no ears". With this, the man got mad and kicked him out.

Then, the man interveiwed the second man, and he was even better then
the first man. The last question he asked the second man was:
" Do you notice anything about me?"
"Yeah, you have no ears." The earless man then kicked that man out of his house.

The third man was even better then the first and second men put together. He was, no matter what, was going to pick
this man. The last question the man with no ears asked the third candidate was:
"Do you notice anything about me?
"Yes", said the third person. "You're wearing contacts".
"Why, yes!"said the man. "You're very right! How did you know that?

The man replied: "You can't wear glasses if you don't have ears!"

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Date: 2003-09-07
By: fourq2
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