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Top 10 Intern Red Flags

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Top 10 questions that should send up a red flag when interviewing for a White House intern position:

10. Would you consider yourself a traditional Catholic girl?
9. Would you mind standing up and turning around?
8. Will you tell me your darkest secret? No? Is that a principle you never break? 7. Have you ever slept with an employer, who-probably-was-just-a-lonely-man-that-only-wanted-a-friend-and-someone-to-hold-and-didn't-want-to-hurt-anybody, before?
6. Would you consider 9-5 to be the hours of the day when you feel the sexiest?
5. Have you used creative solutions to avoid disciplinary action for poor job performance?
4. Why should I hire you instead of all these other hot babes for this position? 3. Do you have a photographic memory? Does money or jobs decrease this ability?
2. No resume? No experience? Bathing suit model? Why of course, dear, this is the White House. There is a position, I mean place, for everyone here...

And the number 1 question that should send up a big ol red flag...

1. Can you show me the proper way to eat a banana?

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Date: 2003-02-19
By: thedirty
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