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10 Reason For Neutering

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Top Ten Reasons Clinton's Dog "Buddy" is Being Neutered

10. Attempting to stop his incessant begging for an intern.
9. Couldn't keep his paws off sleazy bitches.
8. First Lady tired of having to wash Socks.
7. Finally found out where the stains on Monica's dress came from.
6. Effort to reduce confusion when the phrase "Will you please stop humping my leg" is overheard in the Oval Office. 5. Goodwill gesture from White House staff to standup comedians in dire need of new material.
4. Damn dog really scuffed up the animatronic Al Gore last weekend.
3. ((This answer seized by Kenneth Starr)).
2. Buddy apparently audiotaped in compromising position with neighborhood dog Sucky. What is funny is that none of these answers is as bizarre as the real reason, which is because Doris Day asked him to. Really. Or at least that's the story. This, however, cuts through all the red tape and tells us the story behind the story... 1. Hillary's got a 2-FOR-1 coupon.

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Date: 2003-02-19
By: thedirty
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