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Top 10 Clinton Excuses

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Top 10 Clinton Excuses

10. I didn't want people to confuse me with the Pope on TV
9. She's not THAT young. In Arkansas, the age of consent is only 16
8. Hey, At least she's prettier than Paula Jones or Gennifer Flowers
7. I had to show the American People that I WASN'T impotent for my second term in office
6. I was jealous of Nixon with his 'Tricky Dick" nickname
5. I didn't leave a message on her voicemail. Get with it. This is the 90's, I sent her E-MAIL!
4. See I'm not a Lame duck. She said I was pretty GOOD!
3. My real name is not William Jefferson Clinton. It's William KENNEDY Clinton.
2. I couldn't control myself. It was genetic. I was in her jeans -- oops, I mean it was in my jenes.
AND for those of you who remember the famous "I DIDN'T INHALE" comes the now famous #1 excuse.......................

1. "I didn't insert"

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Date: 2003-02-19
By: thedirty
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