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  • Candy Heart Rejects
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    You're my second choice

    Thanks for not pressing charges.

    This is a roofie.

    Sext Me

    It's Not U Its Me

    No Means Yes.

    This Morning After Pill isn't going to swallow itself

    Does this taste like cyanide to you?

    Eat Shit and Die

    Get Tested

    I forgot our safe word.

    Be My "It's Complicated"

    You Make Me Puke

    You'll do

    Your Money's On The Dresser


    Let's Breed

    I Think U Made Me Gay

    Please stop closing your blinds

    Get In The Trunk

    I banged your sister.

    Fist Me

    Call Me Maybe

    Your family is being held hostage.

    We Were On A Break

    We're 1st Cousins

    Threesome. At Least Think About It.

    I googled you

    Your tits are almost as firm as your sisters

    I gave u AIDS

    Not Pennys Boat

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