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    The Spy Who Loved Me Long Time


    Deep Fry Another Day

    Dr. YOLO

    The Speedo is Not Enough

    Never Say Never Again But Call Me Maybe

    'Dr. No Sometimes Means Yes'

    The D is Not Enough

    From Russia With Herpes

    Tie-Dye Another Day

    Wait Until I Show You My Goldfinger

    Licence to Break the Traffic Laws



    The World is Not Enough because we are out of Natural Resources

    James Bond and the Giant Peach

    Dr. Oh No You Din't.

    From Russia With Free Super Saver Shipping

    The Spy Who Isn't Really Ready For A Committed Relationship Quite Yet

    Licence to Skrillex

    Pink Eye


    Skyfallen, and I Can't Get Up!

    To Whom it May Concern

    Dr. Maybe

    Never Thrust After Dark

    Casino Royal with cheese

    Golden Psy

    From Russia, With An Intimidating Accent

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