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  • Rejected Childrens Books
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    Horton Hears a Gunshot

    Little Crack House on A Prarie

    Hansel and Gretel get type 2 diabetes

    Oh, The Places You Will Never Afford To Go

    Charlotte's Web Browser History

    Where The Wild Things Are In Your Parents Bedroom

    The Very Horny Caterpillar

    How the Grinch Stole Yo Girl!

    Green Eggs and Kush

    Skeet Valley High

    Lady and the TrampStamp

    Goldilocks did the Three Bears

    The Bi-Polar Express

    Little Foreclosed House on the Prairie

    If You Give a Mouse a Carcinogen

    Harry Pothead & the Deathly Munchies.

    The Scat In The Hat

    Berenstein Bears eviction day

    Bi-Curious George

    Mary Had A Little Lamb With Roasted Potatos

    Because Of Winn-Dixie Three Men Are Dead

    The Little Engine That Derailed

    Harriet The NSA Spy

    Charlotte's Web of Lies

    Charlie and the Chocolate Allergy

    A tale of two titties

    Little Red Riding All the Boys in the Hood

    The Cat In The Hat Cums on your Back

    Charlotte's Webcam

    See Spot Run Through Traffic

    Little Miss Muffin Top

    If You Give a Mouse a Meth Lab

    The Wizard of 40 oz.

    Mr. Popper's Penguin Recipes

    James and the Giant Peach-Sized Tumor.

    Alice with Contraband

    Clifford the Big Red Communist

    Hump Me Dump Me

    The Mobster at the End of This Book

    Where Do Babies Come From? Scratch & Smell

    All The Places You'll See A Ho

    Charlie and the Cannabis Factory

    Harry Pothead & the Dimebag of Secrets.

    The Three Little Pigs, One Cup

    Where's Waldo's Father

    Diarrhea Of A Wimpy Kid

    Snow White Does the Seven Dwarves

    Where the Wild Things Twerk

    Clifford The Big Red Dildo

    Five Little Rednecks Jumping on the Bed

    The little old lady who lived in a crack house

    Harry Potter's Wand and the Magic of Puberty.

    Clifford the Big Red Dog Gets Put Down

    Charlie and the Meth Factory

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