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    America’s Got Outsourced Talent

    Whose Line of Cocaine Is It Anyway?

    America's Next Top Fan Fiction Author

    Manson Family Feud

    The $1 Pyramid

    Inglewood Squares

    Family Nude

    UnAmerican Gladiator

    Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire

    The $25 Million Pyramid Scheme

    American Masturbators

    Who Wants To Be A Methlab Millionaire

    North Korean Idol

    Coming Out Of The Closet Wars

    Win, lose or Draw Something

    Extreme Makeover: Whore Edition

    America’s Got Diabetes

    Who want to be Chamillionaire?

    Wheel of Laxatives

    Are You Hotter Than A Fifth Grader

    The Amazing Racist

    Celebrity Appendage

    Extreme Ho Makeover

    Dancing With the Tsarnaevs"

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