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  • Rejected Olympic Events
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    Capture the Flag

    Women's parallel parking

    Cyber Stalking

    The Hoe Toss

    Synchronized Fry Dipping

    Cow tipping

    The 100m stumble.

    Duck, duck, goose.

    The Hunger Games.

    Beer Pong & Flip Cup

    Wii Bowling

    Fence Jumping.


    The Floor Is Hot Lava

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Pole Dancing

    Border Jumping

    Dont Let The Balloon Touch The Floor.


    Hide n Go Seek

    Face Sitting

    Menstrual Cycling

    Cup Stacking.


    Mosh pits

    Competitive Welfare Fraud

    Masturbating With The Door Unlocked

    Synchronized Urination



    Baby Stroller Pushing

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