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  • Rejected Reality Shows
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    Keeping Up With The Lannisters

    America's Next Top Bottom

    Jewish Eye for the Palestinian Guy

    America’s Got Outsourced Talent

    North Korean Idol

    16 and Not Keeping It

    Real Housewives of Tehran

    Survivor: Streets of Detroit

    Who Wants To Be Chamillionaire?

    16 & a Milf

    Flavor of love juice

    Project Run Away

    Extreme Ho Makeover

    Legally Blind Date

    Hot Dog Whisperer

    Rubber Duck Dynasty

    Whose Line of Cocaine Is It Anyway?

    Who Wants to Be a Thousandaire?

    America’s Got Diabetes

    Dancing With the Tsarnaevs"

    Cleaning Up After The Kardashians

    Survive Her

    Say Yes to Distress


    What Not To Wear In The Prison Shower

    Are You Smarter Than A Kardashian?

    Womb Raiders

    Extreme Makeover: Funeral Home Edition

    The Amazing Racist: with your host Donald Sterling

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