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    Killing Me Softly With His Schlong

    Smells Like Teen Meth Lab

    Girl You'll be a Mormon soon.

    Juice Box Hero

    Rad Bromance

    Daydream Belieber

    Big Girls Don't Try

    I'm sexist and I know it

    Mama Said Knock You Up

    Don't stop conceiving

    Pour some high fructose corn syrup on me

    Whoa here she comes. She's a Spam eater.

    Trust Tha Police

    Cheney's Got A Gun

    Hey Jude (I didn't know you were a dude)

    You Shook Me All Night Long (and now your in jail for Domestic Violence)

    Harlem Shake Weight

    Stairway to the AA meeting

    Gin and Jews

    Tiny cancer

    What are "Tha Crossroads"

    Porn in the USA

    Vegan on a jet plane

    I want you to want meat

    What I like about Jews

    Rolling in the Sheep

    Hostel California

    Devils Food Cake Came Down To Georgia (and now everyones fat)

    Sweet Emoticon

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