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  • Rejected Vegas Slogans
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    "These fucking slot machines arenít going to gamble themselves."

    "Honestly, just do whatever the fuck you want. And here's some cocaine."

    We remodeled too! Why haven't you noticed?

    "Desert, Dessert, whatís the difference?"

    "I blew my load in Vegas."

    "Iím what happened in Vegas."

    "Stop and smell the roses. By roses we mean margarita vomit."

    Stardust, because anything better is an empty plot of land

    We love losers! Yes, were talking about you.

    See Sigfried and Roy! (well, maybe just Sigfried)

    What happens here, stays on your camcorder

    Cheaters stay for life, without parole.

    Drink for free, unless you are a deadbeat.

    That's not my handle your a pullin'.

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