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  • Rejected Video Games
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    This Frog Had No Reason To Cross The Street

    Super Mario Bros Before Hos

    Angry Suicide Bomber Birds

    FIFA Match Fixing

    Call of Mom: Supper is ready.

    Call of Diabetes: Modern Obesity Epidemic

    Oregon Trail of Dysentery

    Grand Theft Autopsy

    Call of Duty: Crimes Against Humanity.

    Grand Theft Auto Correct While Driving and Texting

    Super PAC Man (Political Action Committee)

    Tiger Woods: Side Chick 2014

    Grand Theft Auto-Asphyxiation

    World Of Wasted Time Craft.

    Call of Doody

    Overweight Plumbers Jump On Stuff

    Duke Nukem WWII Edition

    Immortal Kombat: Respawn Edition

    6-Pac Man

    Sitar Hero

    Tekken Her Virginity

    Womb Raider

    Personal Space Invaders

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