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  • Speedy Gonzales Joke
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    There was a couple who went to Mexico to have a honeymoon. They pull up to the hotel and a mexican guy says, "Hey Senore, you better watch your girl because Speedy Gonzales loves american woman and he will fuck your girl while you are asleep". They ignore the man and go to their room.

    As they get ready for bed the husband said "Just to make sure this Speed Gonzales guy doesn't screw you while your asleep, I'm going to keep my finger in your pussy. He stuck his finger in her pussy and fell asleep.

    A fly was flying around his face and he woke up, took his finger out of her pussy and swiped the fly away and stuck his finger back in a hole.

    He heard a voice say, "Hey Senore, can you please get your finger out my asshole"

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