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  • Yo Momma So Poor Jokes
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    Yo mama so poor your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk.

    Yo momma is so poor she created a gmail account just so she can eat the spam

    Yo mama so poor she was in K-Mart with a box of Hefty bags. I said, "What ya doin'?" She said, "Buying luggage."

    Yo Mama so poor I asked her if I could use the bathroom and she said "Just pick a corner"

    Yo momma is so poor for Christmas she got a box, put two sticks on it, spun it and said son here's your xbox 360

    Yo mama's so poor when i jumped in a puddle she said "What are you doing in my bathtub?"

    Yo mama so poor she can't afford to pay attention!

    yo mama's so poor that she went to Five Below with a nickel.

    Yo momma so poor she has to hang her toilet paper out to dry

    Yo mama so poor she went into a restraunt and asked to lick peoples fingers.

    yo mama so poor, her front door and back door are the same thing.

    Yo mama so poor when she goes to KFC, she has to lick other people's fingers!

    Yo mama so poor when I ring the doorbell she says, "DING!"

    Yo mama so poor it took her 3 years to save a penny

    yo mama is so poor children from Africa send her money

    Yo mama so poor she speak's japoornese.

    Yo mama so poor on christmas she brought a video tape of other kids opening presents.

    Yo mama so poor, her front and back door are on the same hinge

    Yo mama is so poor, I took a piss on her front lawn and she thanked me for watering the lawn.

    yo mamma so poor ducks throw bread at her

    Yo mama so poor I sat on the couch and a roach came up and said move over I pay rent

    Yo mama so poor when I came over her house I asked what happend to the color t.v she said we out of crayons

    Yo mama so poor , she makes starving Africians look like multi-quadrillion aires

    yo mamma is so poor that i asked her whats for dinner so he light up her pocket and said "hot pocket"

    Yo momma so poor she can't even afford a payday

    yo mama so poor and stupid, she draws Lincoln's face on a piece of paper and says it is a twenty

    Yo mama so poor, she took out a 2nd mortgage on her cardboard box.

    Yo mama so poor the cockroaches in your home buy the groceries.

    Yo mama so poor, I seen her walking down the street with one shoe on. I said "Ma'am, did you lose a shoe?" She said "Nah, I just found one!"

    Yo mama so poor when I lit a match the roaches started singing clap your hands stomp your feet praise the lord we got heat

    Yo mama so poor she makes a homeless person look like a millionaire!

    yo mama so poor I went to her house and got robbed by a rat and raped by a roach.

    Yo mama so poor when I stepped on a cigarete butt, she said why did you step on my heater.

    yo mama so poor when I went over her house and asked what's for dinner she opened her legs and said fish sticks

    What's the difference between yo mama and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family.

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